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New Home Owners


Habitat for Humanity can help low-income families realize the dream of homeownership

You may qualify for a Habitat for Humanity house if:

  • You have a steady income and pay your bills on time

  • You have a housing need

  • You are willing to partner in the building process


Habitat for Humanity offers a unique opportunity for low-income individuals, couples and families to become homeowners. There are three initial areas in which you must qualify to participate as a Habitat Homeowner.  Here are some of the details:

1.  You may qualify if you have a need for better housing:

  • You are living in a home that is too small for your family (boys and girls sharing the same room, etc.)

  • Your current home is of sub-standard quality (this might include problems with the structure itself, the heating/cooling system, water, sewage and electrical systems, etc.)

  • You are unable to qualify for a conventional mortgage.

2.     You are low income, but you still have the ability to pay for a home – with some help.

As a Habitat Homeowner you will actually purchase your home from Clinton-Gratiot Habitat for Humanity with an affordable mortgage, at below-market interest rates.  If you have steady income and pay your bills on time, you may qualify.  We consider all your sources of income and your income stability. You must be willing to fully discuss your financial situation with Habitat and complete all required application materials. We do not expect a perfect credit report.  We do have resources available to help you improve your credit report, if necessary, in order to qualify.

The applicant must have a satisfactory credit history and references.  The applicant must also show ability to maintain adequate steady income and must demonstrate a history of financial responsibility.  You must also demonstrate you can pay a monthly mortgage payment which includes the loan as well as real estate taxes and insurance.

Once selected as a qualifying family, you will pay a $200 fee when signing the acceptance for us to build your home.   You will also pay $1,000 as a down payment one month before moving in. (We can help you apply for assistance with the down payment.)

To determine if you are considered low-income, use these HUD guidelines:

Clinton County

Household Size             Minimum  Annual Income          Maximum Annual Income

One                                $18,600                                     $49,600
Two                                 $21,250                                     $56,650
Three                              $23,900                                     $63,750
Four                                $27,750                                     $70,800
Five                                $32,740                                     $76,500
Six                                  $37,190                                     $82,150
Seven                             $41,910                                     $87,800
Eight                               $46,630                                     $93,500


Gratiot County

Household Size             Minimum  Annual Income          Maximum Annual Income

One                               $15,050                                      $40,050
Two                               $18,310                                      $45,800
Three                            $23,030                                      $51,500
Four                              $27,750                                      $57,200
Five                               $32,470                                      $61,800
Six                                 $37,190                                      $66,400
Seven                            $41,910                                      $70,950
Eight                              $46,630                                      $75,550

3.  Willingness to be a partner with Habitat

As a “partner” with Habitat, you must be willing to contribute 250 “sweat equity” hours per adult in your household, including 40 hours prior to the groundbreaking.  A wide variety of volunteer opportunities exist to help you meet this requirement, and your friends and family can help.  In addition to volunteering with the building of your home, you can also volunteer in our ReStore or at one of our many community events.

Once you become a Habitat Homeowner, you will be responsible for the maintenance and repairs on your home. You must also be willing to maintain an on-going relationship with our Family Support Committee which will help you with homeowner maintenance education.  We will also help you with financial counseling.

To apply, please download and complete our Homeownership Application. Return the completed form to: Clinton-Gratiot Habitat for Humanity, PO Box 313, St. Johns, MI 48879.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact:

Jason King, Interim Executive Director: 989-227-1771 #6  

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