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Did you know that you could change a life with just $20? You can! Your donation, plus the donations of others, begin to add up. Pretty soon that $20 is helping to put a roof on a house, siding, windows or even kitchen counters.

Every donation matters and every contribution goes toward the mission of Habitat for Humanity. Every house we build helps to build the next house. So your donation of $20 will help build every house in Clinton and Gratiot Counties. Unfortunately, costs never go down, so every year each house, wheelchair ramp or minor repair, goes up in cost. But how amazing is it that you will be leaving a legacy with every donation you make? You are creating a better community through your generosity. And now you can make your donation go even further.

Your $20 combined with other donations purchases the materials for the houses built by volunteers and the future home owner. It also helps us provide training materials for our future home owners. We don’t just build a house and then sign some papers. We TRAIN our future home owners in areas of budgeting, simple home maintenance, neighbor relations, saving and planning for the future. We give them assignments so they can plug spending leaks. Our Habitat home buyers are fully prepared for home ownership by the time they sign their name on that mortgage. I wish I had training before I bought MY first home. Wow. I was in for a shock. But 31 years and four houses later, I think I have it figured out. I am proud of our mentors who meet with our future home owners monthly and walk them through home ownership basics. These people have patience and knowledge, and are willing to share both with our home buyers. They listen and care – and they teach and instruct.

If you would like to be considered for a position as a mentor, a construction, office or ReStore volunteer, a committee member, or a board member, just call the office and ask for me. I’d love to share about all the benefits of what Habitat can do for you while you are serving through Habitat. And remember, every donation becomes part of a legacy. Won’t you start your legacy today?

You’ll be glad you did!

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